Ways to Heal a Sore Back

Causes of Backache

In our spine, there are three curves, and along with the discs, these act as shock absorbers and allow our spine to bend. In actual practice, we bend our spine 3000 to 5000 times a day and when one is involved with any of the tasks that require bending of the spine, the same can lead to pressure on the back side of ligaments and the lumbar and cervical joints of the spine.

In practice, a host of factors can be responsible for back pain, and these could be related with posture, ergonomics, one’s hobbies, work habits or lifestyle in general. The pain could be mild or severe, and it is not always limited to one’s back. Owing to a condition like a pinched nerve in the back, the pain could radiate to any part of the body, be it hands, head, legs or even feet.

What must one do about a sore back?

One’s posture can go a long way in enabling one to overcome from a condition like a pinched nerve in the back, and one must try and make sure that he maintains the right posture all through the day. This is where listening to one’s body becomes all the more important – when one suffers from pain, soreness or stiffness, one must alter his posture, and this would ensure the right alignment of body mechanics. When one’s body mechanics are not aligned in a proper way, the body sends out pain signals, and one must accordingly act upon the same. If one chooses to ignore these signals, it leads to initiation of inflammatory process.

Importance of Everyday Ergonomics

In the same way, everyday ergonomics can also go a long way for ensuring that one finds relief from a sore back, and also for making sure that the condition does not occur way too often. And one of the most basic ideas in implementing the same is by putting one’s postural muscles to use. When one stands, walks, lifts or bends, one must keep the chest out, chin in and the stomach tight.

Similarly, one may choose to use lumbar support while sitting, or even use the car seat in an upright position. As one sits straight, stress on the spine in minimized, and this takes a certain amount of mental and also muscular effort, but the same works towards habit formation.