Tips for Back Pain Relief

  1. Get into a Feldenkrais or Anat Baniel Method class to learn new ways of moving that will support you.
  2. Keep going to activities you love, except modify it to your physical needs. If you can’t sit for long periods of time but love to go to a play, get a seat all the way in the back where you can sit and stand as often as you like.
  3. Break down activities into segments. When I wanted to drive to San Francisco, I made a plan to drive and make three stops along the way so I can walk in between for short periods of time. This plan gave me the confidence and joy that I could do it with as little pain as possible. This was part of my rehabilitation.
  4. Learn how to say “yes and can we modify it this way” with family and friends. Remember that it is not about the activity, but the connection and spending time together. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Most people out of pain do not know how much certain activities take for you. Explain and include them. You’d be surprised at all the creative options that may arise. This is how intimacy develops as well.
  5. Alternate high impact activities with low impact activities. Be realistic what those are for you. Remember they continue to change as your health shifts daily.
  6. Make sure you are engaged in pleasurable activities too. Joy is an important part of recovery and healing. Sometimes chronic pain and depression loops unto each other.
  7. Take walks. Two or three shorter walks that are manageable are better than one really long one where you are in pain.
  8. Look into taking a diet low in anti-inflammatory food. Wheat and sugar are inflammatory.