Simple Swaps to Help Lower Your Blood Sugar

  1. Swap A Bagel For An English Muffin. If you eat bagels often, they contain a significant amount of carbs. In fact, they are loaded with complex carbs, and while they are an energy producing food, they are not so ideal where blood sugar levels are concerned. Try an English muffin instead. You will take in about half the carbs with this option and still get a reasonable dose of energy when you need it.
  2. Swap Yogurt For Cottage Cheese. Try cottage cheese over yogurt next time you need a quick snack. Cottage cheese also tastes great with a little fruit mixed in and even better, cottage cheese is a rich source of casein protein. This type of protein is very slowly digested, so will help you better control your hunger. Cottage cheese is also slightly lower in carbohydrates as well, so a good option for those who are wanting to lower their carb intake.
  3. Swap Sparkling Water For Fruit Juice. If you need something to quench your thirst and cannot stand the thought of more water, you may decide to turn to fruit juice. Unfortunately, fruit juice is loaded with sugar and excess calories, so is not an ideal option for anyone, never mind someone who has Type 2 diabetes. Instead, try sparkling water. You can find sparkling water with a light lemon, lime or grapefruit flavor. Flavored sparkling water will help quench your thirst while giving your taste buds something pleasant at the same time without raising your blood sugar.
  4. Swap An Energy Bar For A Protein Bar. While energy bars seem like a good option to have on the go, they are often rich in simple sugars and low in protein. Instead, consider a protein bar. Protein bars are terrific for those who are keeping their carbs in check and aiming to get more protein during the day. Most contain 20 grams of protein a serving, so they will be an easy way to get closer to your daily target.