Healthy Sleep for Your Child

Establishing a relaxing bedtime routine is an easy way to start getting into school mode. It is recommended your child to have three or four calming activities before bed. No matter which activities you’ll choose, it is important to stay consistent with it. This will become a cue for your child that it’s time to sleep. You should start with a physical activity before dinner, which will exhaust your child out. After dinner you can take activates like relaxing bath, brushing teeth and putting pyjamas on. All these activities are associated with children falling asleep faster and sleeping better.┬áSpecific food and drink consumed before bedtime can confuse your child’s body and steal his sleep. Avoid feeding your children fatty foods, sugary snacks, carbs and soft drinks. Healthy eating has been proven to promote quality sleep. It’s better to consume white rice, oatmeal, nuts, fruits or a cup of herbal tea. In addition, feed your child at the right time. Dinner time has to be at least 2 hours before bedtime. This can help your child to establish healthy eating habits too.

Using technology devices before bed will cause difficulty to fall asleep. One Study says that after 1.5 hours looking at a bright screen, our body produces less melatonin – the hormone that makes us feel sleepy. You should limit the use of technology such as television, video games, cell phones and computers. Instead, you can encourage other activities such as reading, drawing or playing. Even you as a parent have to respect this “rule” because the children are following your steps.

At last – create an ideal sleep environment. Keep children bedroom cool and comfortable. The best temperature for sleep is between 20-23 degrees. You can spray lavender water on the pillows. It will help to calm and soothe your tired children. A quality mattress and pillow is a must-have if you want to provide your child with a good night’s sleep.