Get a Cool Breeze

  • Breathable pillows – These pillows doesn’t allow building up of hot air inside the pillow. They allow free flow of air through pillow fills which doesn’t make pillow hot even during hot and sunny days.
  • Water or gel pillows – This kind of pillows uses the physics concept of conduction which transfers heat from your skin to the water in the pillow and makes your skin cooler. This kind of pillows resists production of heat from within the pillow and transforms your skin’s heat and makes your pillow cooler every now and then. This transformation extends your sleep time and makes it cooler than before.
  • Phase-change material pillows- This kind of pillows are generally made up of such material that doesn’t get affected by external heat and remains cooler even during harsh weather conditions. Mostly these are made up of PCS material which doesn’t absorb heat and remains unaffected at any point in time.

The above mentioned are the basic cooling pillow models which are generally transformed to different forms depending on the company and its customer’s requirements. Companies manufacture these, generally by using above mentioned techniques but rather customize them to add some attraction and comfort to the basic models. Besides, using a pillow during sleep timings few of us use them during various other occasions such as traveling, working etc. To make these to be useful on such occasions, the companies are coming with those that can be bent and adjusted as per the customer’s needs.