Avoid Common Contact Lens Mistakes

  1. You Forget To Clean the Lens after each use: As much as this may sound like a hassle, in order to maintain the proper hygienic use of your contact lenses, after each use you should rinse your lenses out with fresh solution and allow it to dry. There is a reason why this is necessary. If this safety protocol is not taken a little layer of bacteria called Biofilm can build up at the bottom and this can cause you to develop an eye infection.
  2. Never Clean Your Lenses With Water: The CDC (Centers for Disease Control), warns that contact lenses washed in water can actually cause soft contact lenses to change shape, swell and stick to the eye. This can also cause corneal scratches that create a breeding ground for germs that give way to eye infections. The CDC also warns never to wear this vision aid while swimming, showering or in a hot tub. Instead, eye care practitioners advise that you should always use fresh solution when you clean out your contact lenses and then you can leave them out to dry.
  3. Failure to Practice Proper Hygiene Before Lens Use: Before you reach for your contact lenses make sure that you wash your hands before doing so. Failure to practice proper hygiene in terms of washing your hands could result in lingering bacteria on dirty hands that can spread to your contact lenses.

While the use of contact lenses comes with some benefits it also comes with some major inconveniences as well. This is due to the fact that failure to practice proper hygiene in the care and use of your contact lenses can result in bacteria forming on your contact lenses. This leads to contact lens complications such as eye infections, corneal scratches and eye inflammation. These problems can be prevented by following the proper safety measures to protect your vision health.

Are you tired of the hassles, inconveniences, and not to mention, the frustrations involved in the maintenance and replacement schedules of your contact lenses? If you are you may want to consider trying a natural alternative vision improvement method to correct your vision problems such as an eye exercises program. With a program of eye exercises to improve your vision naturally, you get easy and simple to perform eye exercise techniques that are effective in improving your vision naturally. These come without the frustrations associated with keeping up with annoying maintenance and replacement schedules for your contact lenses. The good thing about this program also is the fact that it requires only a tiny percentage of your time to practice the techniques. These techniques take only minutes a day. With a little bit of diligence and consistent practice these effective eye exercise techniques lead to better natural vision without glasses.