Adjusting To Living Well With Diabetes

Don’t let diabetes linger. There is nothing to gain, and potentially everything to lose. Having Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you should take lightly. Let us talk about how you should get started with putting diabetes into remission…

Become motivated. First things first: empower yourself: learn more about your disease. Odds are at the moment your knowledge is limited. Educate yourself on the consequences of high blood sugar, and the advantages of controlling it. Understand…

  • why and how high blood sugar levels developed,
  • what is going on, and
  • how you can make a difference.

Be proactive. Learning about your disease is general advice, and so is being proactive. But it is still essential to not overlook these critical steps. Before you begin doing anything, internalize the idea of having a proactive approach. Living well despite having Type 2 diabetes is a process – there are no breaks. You have to commit to the daily effort if you are to make definitive progress. You can do this by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Balance your carbs. With Type 2 diabetes, it is crucial to balance your carbohydrates. Not only your overall intake but also the predominant carbs in your diet. Which means it is time to…

  • substitute your potatoes with sweet potatoes.
  • stop minding the extra time it takes to cook brown rice and start getting used to its different taste. It will be worth it, and unless you are very active,
  • reduce your portion sizes.

On that note: get active if you haven’t already. But that goes without saying.

Work with your doctor. Managing Type 2 diabetes starts and ends with you. But no progress is made without proper guidance. You know your body better than anyone, but you are also not an expert on its general physiology. Even if you were, your doctor is still an authority on the subject, especially in the context of disease. Work with him or her. Create a treatment plan you can follow, and commit to it. Trust his guidance, and achieve the results you need to improve your well-being.

That ought to get you started. Don’t think for one minute a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes means you cannot live a vibrant, fun-loving, full and productive life.