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Ways to Heal a Sore Back

February 28, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Causes of Backache

In our spine, there are three curves, and along with the discs, these act as shock absorbers and allow our spine to bend. In actual practice, we bend our spine 3000 to 5000 times a day and when one is involved with any of the tasks that require bending of the spine, the same can lead to pressure on the back side of ligaments and the lumbar and cervical joints of the spine.

In practice, a host of factors can be responsible for back pain, and these could be related with posture, ergonomics, one’s hobbies, work habits or lifestyle in general. The pain could be mild or severe, and it is not always limited to one’s back. Owing to a condition like a pinched nerve in the back, the pain could radiate to any part of the body, be it hands, head, legs or even feet.


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Traction Devices

February 24, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

The spine is a comprised of 24 separate bony structures called the vertebrae, along with the bones of sacrum and coccyx. In between the vertebrae are discs and these discs act as shock absorbers. Owing to these discs, we are able to bend our spine.

There is a central canal within each vertebra, and through these canals, our spine threads down. This carries nerves from our brain to the rest of the body.

The exact cause of any of the aches related to or centered upon the back are difficult to recognize in most cases. But it is invariably associated to a strain in the muscle, or a strain in a tendon or ligament. At times, though in rare cases, this may even be caused by damage to one of the structures in the back, and this is known as mechanical back pain.

It is unlikely that discomfort in the …

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Stop Hitting Snooze

February 23, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

What lies at the heart of this issue is the fact that insomnia is a downright epidemic in this country and indeed many worldwide. In an article published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, their estimation puts 50 to 70 million Americans the victims of sleep or wakefulness disorders. This is an especially frightening figure in consideration of the dangerous effects of sleep deprivation on the human body. With a population of just over 300 million, this is also a sizeable chunk of the citizens of USA. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. They also report that the majority of these 40 million Americans experience anxiety that affects their ability to sleep, and of these, three-fourths experience stress or anxiety because their stress or anxiety keeps them from sleeping. Americans are sleeping less and …

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Spinal Anatomy

February 22, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Backache nevertheless is a very common occurrence and afflicts most of us at some or the other point of time in our lives. Back pain can often be attributed to different structures of the spine, and there are often some specific causes that lead to backache. One could suffer from backache when the larger nerves that branch out to the arms and legs are irritated. Similarly, backache could be caused when the smaller nerves that interconnect the larger nerves to the spine are irritated.

Alternately, backache may be caused as a result of strain in the large paired back muscles, which are also known as erector spinae. Or backache could even be caused when the bones, joints, ligaments or tendons sustain an injury. The disc space too could be a cause of pain.

Anyone can be susceptible to back pain and related conditions, and to understand back pain, treatment options …

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Thyroid Health

February 19, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Sudden weight gain and hypothyroidism

Although not everyone can blame their thyroid for unexpected weight gain there are others who have found their difficulty in losing weight can be attributed to hypothyroidism.

If a person has hypothyroidism, it means their thyroid gland is functioning in a sluggish manner. This sluggishness leads to an impaired ability of the gland to produce the right hormones. As a result, the ability to use the nutrients provided by food in a properly functioning manner will also slow down.

The reason more women are prone to having issues with their thyroid health and weight gain is because the thyroid glands are linked to other systems in their body. Some of the key systems which impact on thyroid function are the neurotransmitters, adrenal glands and reproductive hormones.

How can you avoid weight gain and thyroid problems?

One obvious answer to this question is to maintain a …

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Have a Slipped Disc

February 19, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

The good news is that spinal disc herniations can usually be treated with conservative care without the need for surgery. Such treatments may include manual manipulation techniques or mechanical traction therapy to reduce the degree of disc herniation and relieve pressure on the nearby nerve. Other treatments may include anti-inflammatory and/or pain medications, injections and a variety of more invasive surgical interventions, depending on the problem type and severity in each particular case.

It is important that disc and related conditions are evaluated by a qualified provider before recommendations can be made regarding the best approach in each individual situation. However, it is generally recommended that you AVOID trying to stretch or do other exercises prior to being evaluated and given appropriate recommendations as certain movements may worsen this condition. There are also “red-flags” that your provider will look for such as a loss of bowel or bladder function or …

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Ways To Help Stop Drinking Soda

February 16, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0
  • Count Your Calories:
    Counting calories can be a great way to keep your waistline in check. If you toss back cans of soda like they’re the cure for cancer, you may be surprised at how many calories you actually consume purely from soda. The best way to do this is to download a calorie counter app, unless you feel like writing it down every time you drink a soda. And don’t order sodas when you go out to eat. Those free refills rack up the calories real quick.
  • Switch to Unsweetened Tea:
    A lot of people drink soda for caffeine. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, unsweetened green tea or black tea can be a great source of caffeine. If you aren’t a tea purist and need a little extra flavor, try mixing in some fresh lemon juice and a little stevia with your tea to sweeten it. Don’t forget
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Prevent Hearing Loss in Children

February 16, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Parents should be aware of the fact that hearing loss in children can be prevented and they can save their children by following certain guidelines.

  • Avoid or limit the exposure of your child to loud music.
  • Make your child wear ear plugs when exposed to loud noises. Even the noise created by vacuum cleaners is found to be dangerous for ears.
  • If your child is very small take proper care that you use hearing protection devices for your child when you expect more than normal noise.

There is medical help available and if a hearing problem is detected at an early stage, it can be treated and cured as well. If you find any kind of hearing problem in your child, you must consult the concerned doctors and get help as soon as possible. Sometimes a speech therapist can turn out quite helpful and your child will be normal in …

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Stick Your Tongue Out

February 15, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Relax your tongue.

It’s not something we give a whole lot of thought to – our tongue. But, when you stop to consider its importance in your life, you’ll be quickly amazed. That’s one heck of an intelligent and active muscle you’ve got hanging out in your mouth.

Inherently linked with the brain, your tongue can be an important key to a good night’s sleep.

Like many others, I tend to live a busy life leading up to bed. It can be quite difficult to simply let it all go and drift off to sleep. Often, bedtime is the first chance I’ve had to be with my own thoughts. So, there I lay with a monkey mind ready to play, play, play.

There are many relaxation techniques and each has its merits. But, sometimes you feel you’re pulling out all the stops and nothing works. That’s why I want to …

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Newborn Baby Eye Problems

February 14, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0
  1. Blocked Tear Ducts. Tears are drained from each eye from four tiny holes on the eyelid margins, two at the top and two at the bottom. Another common condition in babies is that one or more of the ducts may be blocked. This can cause eye infections and the baby might need antibiotics to clear up the infection. If the tear duct does not open naturally, then surgery with an ophthalmologist may be required, but most tear ducts do open up by themselves within the baby’s first year.
  2. Ptosis. Again, ptosis is a problem seen a lot in older adults where one or both eyelids start to droop. This can also be found in newborn babies where one or both eyelids do not develop correctly. Surgery may be needed, as if it is left untreated it can cause a lazy eye later in the baby’s life.
  3. Retinopathy of Prematurity. Babies