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Snellen Eye Chart

December 31, 2018 Billy Kamerskin 0

Visual acuity is measured from a distance of 20 feet. The patient is required to stand from a distance of about 20 feet to read the letters without the assistance of glasses or contacts. The patient is asked to cover one eye and read the smallest letter that he can see from the eye chart. If you have 20/20 vision this is considered normal eyesight. 20/20 vision means that you can see clearly at a distance of 20 feet what the average person is able to see at that particular distance.

The Snellen eye chart has its limitations due to the fact that it only measures visual acuity. Therefore, it cannot detect whether or not you have any underlying medical problems associated with your vision condition. According to developmental optometrist Dr. Kellye Kneuppel, the Snellen chart only detects nearsightedness and misses other vision conditions such as Astigmatism and farsightedness.

Furthermore, …

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Struggling With Antibiotic Resistance

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I never saw it coming. The process started with a small, but painful sensation right in the middle of my right butt-cheek. A very annoying problem because I am a writer squirming around as I try to fill up empty screens with words.

At first, I downplayed it as just some stupid little irritation that would go away as soon as it came. Being a diabetic for about 25 years now I am prone to inflammations and infections. This was just another in a long succession of intermittent, annoying, health problems.

At the onset, the thought never occurred that it might be an infection. I had not had any accident, no cuts, abrasions or scrapes so that did not pop up as the culprit. That is until it persisted and grew into an open sore. The pain level also rose dramatically.

I went to the doctor. He did not think

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Different Hammertoe Surgery Procedures

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Flexible Procedures

If performed while the toe, or toes, is still in the flexible stage, a simple tendon release is often the choice. During this technique can take the bottom tendon, known as a flexor, and reposition to the top of the toe. This relieves the buckled joint and allows the toe to lay flat. There are times when the top or bottom tendon are released from the joint but not repositioned.

A simple tendon release is the easiest in terms of recovery. There is usually no more than a small incision, which is closed with a single stitch and covered with a Band-Aid. Those who have to have several toes operated on at the same time, recovery may take slightly longer.

Rigid Procedures

However, for those who put off hammertoe surgery until the joint is rigid, the operation becomes slightly more complex. One method used is arthroplasty. In this …

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Hand Eye Coordination

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Improves Writing Ability: Due to the fact that these visual skills are an important part of the process of learning these techniques are helpful in improving reading skills related to tracking. This is due to the fact that they help individuals to use their eyes to guide the movement of their hands in such an activity such as writing. This is due to the fact that this visual skill is needed in helping individuals use their eyes to guide and direct the words that they are writing from line to line on a page.

Improves Many Other Visual Skills: If an individual possesses poor hand eye coordination skills then such an individual can perform poorly academically. This is due to the fact that these techniques are needed in other skills such as proper balance and coordination and motor skills. These techniques also relate to motor responses associated with the connection …

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Prepare for Cataract Surgery

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Cleaning Your Eyes

You won’t be able to get water in your eyes for about 2 weeks following the surgeries, this is to avoid getting an infection. You may find your eyes get sticky from the prescribed drops you will be using after surgery, so you might want to clean your eyes. It is a good idea to buy what you need to do this before you have the surgery. You will need a clean bowl, cooled boiled water and some gauze. Boil the water and pour it into the clean bowl and let it cool. Once cooled you can soak the gauze in the water, ring it out and very gently wipe over the eyes and eyelashes, being very careful not to push on the eyes or drag the skin.


Most patients will be awake during cataract surgery and will have local anaesthetic to numb the eye, therefore …

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Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Home

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  1. Camphor: Its smoke is known to be harmful for mosquitoes and other insects. Close the doors and windows in the room and light a camphor tablet and leave the room closed for fifteen to twenty minutes and the room will be completely mosquito free. Ensure that no one is in the room for those 15-20 mins especially kids. Additionally, you can add 3-4 camphor pallets to a cup of neem oil and add the mixture into a vaporizer bottle to use as a natural mosquito repellent.
  2. Citronella oil: You can use citronella oil in an aromatherapy diffuser to create a 3-6meter circle of protection keeping the mosquitoes away. Additionally, you can use citronella oil in a base oil and use reed diffuser sticks to keep the annoying pests out of the house and away from your kids. Additionally, there is an option of using citronella candles and incenses
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Vitamin Combination

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If you are in your middle ages chance are you have concerns about eye health related to the likelihood of developing age related vision diseases and conditions. As we age the health of our visual system begins to decline. Therefore, it requires greater attention in terms of nutritional care to stay in top shape. One example of an age related vision disease that is very prevalent among the aging population in the United States is Macular Degeneration. It is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. However, the good news is that there are nutritional steps that you can take to reduce or slow its progression so that you can still enjoy a good quality of life.

A 2001 study conducted by the National Eye Institute, better known as AREDS( The Age Related Eye Disease Study),showed some promise in the reduction of this eye disease when a combination …

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Mid Back Pain

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Vertebrae surround the nerves that are wrapped around the spinal cord. Between the vertebrae are spongy discs which are made of cartilage. These discs provide smooth motion to the back and act as cushions to them. The ligaments, tendons and muscles also have a similar role in order to give support to the system and improve movement within the body. If any of these parts get inflamed, it can lead to discomfort and pain.

Some of the more serious conditions that may lead to problems in the area include spondylitis, fibromyalgia or a herniated disc. If a disc is bulging, it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause intense sensations. Sometimes, other problems which may originate in another part of the body may just radiate to the middle section of the back. For example, a problem with the digestive organs may suddenly come out though back pain.

Another …

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Flatfeet in Children

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Symptoms of Pediatric Flatfoot

Symptoms of flatfeet can vary, depending on the type, the severity, and the age of the child. When a child has a flexible foot disorder, it generally does not cause any pain or discomfort and no treatment is needed. Kids with a rigid foot disorder may have problems that require treatment or therapy by a podiatrist. If pain occurs, it is usually felt in the foot, ankle, or lower leg, and can range from mild to severe. Other symptoms include cramping in the feet or legs, a change in gait, or heels that tilt upwards.

Diagnosing the Problem

Your child’s pediatrician or podiatrist can usually provide a diagnosis upon examination. To make a proper diagnosis, the physician may ask your child to sit up, stand, sit down, walk, and stand on his or her tiptoes. If the problem seems severe, the physician may also have an …

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Endoscopic Spine Surgery

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These days most surgeons try and manage your surgery using minimally invasive techniques, often referred to as “MISS,” which stands for minimally invasive spinal surgery. With open surgery you will be subjected to a long incision and the skin and muscle is pulled away from the area being operated on to give the surgeon access to the site and help them perform the surgery. This should be a last resort or only considered in the event that the surgery you require cannot be performed using endoscopic spine surgery.

The benefit to this particular type of surgery is that the risk of damage to the muscles surrounding the spine is reduced. With open surgery, the risk of muscle damage is exceptionally high, but with endoscopic spine surgery you will find that the chances of you struggling with muscle damage is greatly reduced, which is a major benefit on it’s own.

Further …