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Healthy Sleep for Your Child

January 2, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Establishing a relaxing bedtime routine is an easy way to start getting into school mode. It is recommended your child to have three or four calming activities before bed. No matter which activities you’ll choose, it is important to stay consistent with it. This will become a cue for your child that it’s time to sleep. You should start with a physical activity before dinner, which will exhaust your child out. After dinner you can take activates like relaxing bath, brushing teeth and putting pyjamas on. All these activities are associated with children falling asleep faster and sleeping better.┬áSpecific food and drink consumed before bedtime can confuse your child’s body and steal his sleep. Avoid feeding your children fatty foods, sugary snacks, carbs and soft drinks. Healthy eating has been proven to promote quality sleep. It’s better to consume white rice, oatmeal, nuts, fruits or a cup of herbal …

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Test for Hearing Loss

December 2, 2018 Billy Kamerskin 0

Hearing loss should never be neglected and you should seek the consultation of an Audiologist, Otolaryngologist or Otologist if you feel the above mentioned symptoms.

A hearing loss is diagnosed based on the person’s history, behaviour and the results of medical and audiological examinations. You would then be examined to know of the causes of the hearing loss, and if it can be treated. The most common way by which one could suffer from a loss of hearing is with the fluid in the middle ear or wax in the ear canal not being taken care of.

There are a several things you can do to hear and cope better in situations that have caused you difficulty in communicating with the help of hearing aids and hearing problem treatments.

In case you are diagnosed with a hearing loss, you have to undergo a full hearing test. This test will recognize …

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About Winter Eye Problems

November 28, 2018 Billy Kamerskin 0

Tearing Eyes

Apart from winter weather drying out your eyes, the cold weather can also make your eyes over produce tears which can be very annoying and can make vision blurry. The best thing to help with this is to wear glasses, goggles, or sunglasses when outside to avoid the wind causing watery eyes. Also, if you are wiping your eyes to get rid of the tears make sure you use clean tissues or cloths to avoid infection. Excessive tearing eyes can also be caused by other factors such as infection, blocked tear duct, or surprisingly dry eyes, so if you are concerned make an appointment with your eye clinic or opticians so they can check it out.

Tired Eyes

The winter months are darker and natural light is less which can make certain tasks more difficult, reading and writing for example. Straining your eyes to see in lower light …

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Powerful Foods To Detox

May 17, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

I want to share a few foods in season this spring that can help keep your liver healthy, naturally.

  1. Asparagus – Asparagus cooks quickly and goes well with almost any meal – saute it, steam it, grill it, or roast it. It’s packed with antioxidants and natural cleansing abilities – so toss some in your morning omelet or use it as a side dish at dinner.
  2. Avocados – Avocado is another powerhouse that is easily added to nearly any meal. Use it in your salads, use it to make sauces such as guacamole, and even use it to make a chocolate avocado mousse that you don’t have to feel guilty over!
  3. Lemons – The oils in the skin of the lemon are a source of a phytonutrient that can help boost the cleansing processes of the liver. Lemons are fantastic for healthy digestion, an immune boost with the Vitamin C
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Scoliosis Back Brace

May 16, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

The scoliosis back brace is generally the treatment that is used for any curves which attain twenty-five degrees. Once the physician determines that wearing a brace is the right treatment then the child will usually have to wear a back brace until their spine quits growing, which can mean that it will be worn for many years. Most of these braces have to be worn all the time, even during sleep. They can be taken off when they take a shower or bath. It is very important that they wear the back brace all the time because the objective is to keep their spine aligned properly at all times. This helps encourage the spine to grow straight. Some may be permitted to take the brace off for sixty minutes each day to take part in activities like swimming.

In times past the Milwaukee brace was the only available type of …

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Adjusting To Living Well With Diabetes

May 15, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Don’t let diabetes linger. There is nothing to gain, and potentially everything to lose. Having Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you should take lightly. Let us talk about how you should get started with putting diabetes into remission…

Become motivated. First things first: empower yourself: learn more about your disease. Odds are at the moment your knowledge is limited. Educate yourself on the consequences of high blood sugar, and the advantages of controlling it. Understand…

  • why and how high blood sugar levels developed,
  • what is going on, and
  • how you can make a difference.

Be proactive. Learning about your disease is general advice, and so is being proactive. But it is still essential to not overlook these critical steps. Before you begin doing anything, internalize the idea of having a proactive approach. Living well despite having Type 2 diabetes is a process – there are no breaks. You …

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Effects of LASIK

May 12, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Before Lasik Surgery is performed

Age of patient: The best age for Lasik eye surgery is from 21 years to 45 years. Younger patients can undergo laser vision correction but serial maps and number checks have to determine stability. Otherwise the effect of surgery will wear off.

Refractive Stability: It is very important that prescription of eyes have stabilized. It is very difficult to hit a moving target. That is the setting for poor outcomes. Minor variations are to be expected and is even allowed by FDA.

Ruling out Comorbidity: Diabetes, autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis may lead to increased side effects like delayed healing of surface layer.

Shape of Cornea: Shape as studied with corneal topography should be within normal ranges.

Thickness and Thinness map of Cornea: Thin and abnormal cornea can lead to bulging of the cornea if Lasik eye surgery is performed on them.


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Pillow Sleeping Tips

May 12, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Problems Caused Due to Wrong Pillow Selection

Other than neck pain, pillows cause lower back pain too. And it happens when the pillow is too high. Apposite sleeping habits contribute greatly in keeping your back healthy over the coming years. Adopting this simple mantra, Spend the time to relax your back in bed rather than putting stress on it, can abridge the pain incredibly.

Have you ever speculated that sleeping in an uncomfortable position do no good to your pain and increase it instead? Poor sleeping routine is the biggest consequence of back and neck pain. Not treating this issue on time can cause major problems thus depriving you of night sleep and then leaving you pooped the very next day.

Sleeping Way

It doesn’t actually matter that for how many hours you sleep but in which position you sleep does. If you find yourself in trouble at night then …

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May 12, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Lutein is a vision nutrient that is essential in improving the health of the eyes. Our eyes are exposed to so many negative elements that are harmful to eye health. Some of these include the harmful blue light and U.V rays of the sun, toxicity in our environment, and the negative effects that free radicals and the process of oxidation has on the eyes. Lutein is a vision vitamin that helps to correct these eye health issues. Lutein plays an important role in the cleansing of the eye lens; a positive health effect that reduces the risks for cataracts.

A double blind scientific research study, (the gold standard of research studies), revealed the fact that research participants that took 20 mg of Lutein a day or a placebo, experienced a significant increase in macular density pigmentation, glare sensitivity and contrast sensitivity,( the ability to distinguish dark objects in low light …

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Eye Exercises

May 9, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Eye exercises can improve your eye’s ability to see fine print clearly. They are also credited with improving your eye’s ability to increase your vision to the degree that you can see fine print effortlessly without having to strain your eyes. This is due to the fact that these techniques improve the focusing ability of the eyes so that you can read text both close up and in the distance as well.

Eye exercises are also credited with improving near vision and distance vision skills. These visual skills are necessary in improving reading ability. Also these techniques can improve your eye’s ability to recognize things in the distance such as signs, read the menu at a restaurant both up close and in the distance as well. Additionally, these techniques are essential if you are a student and you need to read the writing on the blackboard.

Eye exercises are also …

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Counter Flat Feet

May 7, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0
  1. Get your feet wet.
  2. Stand on a flat surface where your footprint will show, such as on a concrete walkway.
  3. Step away and look at the prints. If you see complete imprints of the bottom of your feet on the surface, then you’re likely to have flat feet.

Seems silly but it works! This is the less precise way to test it. Doctor offices have more tool, but this can be a great starting place.

Most people are born flat-footed and they have no problem concerning their feet or any joints related to their feet. Others may have a stretched or torn tendon, nerve problems, or possibly a broken or dislocated bone causing them to become flat-footed. While some women become temporary flat-footed from pregnancy, one of the many joys gained from childbirth.

If you were born with flat feet you might get along just fine in life and in …

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Types of Glaucoma

May 5, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

The most common type of glaucoma is primary open-angle glaucoma. It shows no signs or symptoms except vision loss over time. It’s important to get a periodic comprehensive eye exam so your eye specialist can monitor changes in your vision.

Symptoms of glaucoma are:

  • Eye pain
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Colored rings around lights
  • Blurred vision
  • Vision disturbances
  • Redness in eyes

Types of glaucoma

Broadly, the various different types of glaucoma are:

  • Primary- occurs due to angle closure and fluid pressure increase inside the eye
  • Secondary- occurs due to other eye conditions, disorders and diseases

Open angle and angle closure are the most common forms of glaucoma found in 70-90% people. Other glaucomas are less common and are found in few people around the world.

Primary Glaucomas

These are ideally the glaucomas which occur due to state of angle of anterior chamber of the eye. Usually fluid pressure in eye damages …

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Custom Orthotics

May 4, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Orthotics cushion your feet – One of the biggest reasons to get customized orthotics is to help cushion your feet as you stand and walk on them all day. Many people suffer from bunions, gait abnormalities, drop foot, heel rolls and more. Imagine the amount of pressure that your feet endure day in and day out. Cushioned orthotics can help prevent you from getting sore feet, as well as prevent pain in your lower back, knees, hips, legs and neck.

Orthotics support the arches of your feet – Feet come in all different shapes and sizes. While some people may have high arches, others may suffer from flat feet. With customized orthotics, the arches of your feet can be adequately supported so you can absorb any shock and thereby prevent pain. Having proper support means structural and functional disorders can be corrected to align the feet to their optimum functioning …

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Healing Living

May 4, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Do You Have Regular Trouble Sleeping? First, think whether you are having trouble sleeping at night on an ongoing basis. Those who struggle nightly may want to refrain from utilizing melatonin as a means of getting to sleep and instead, look into other more natural methods of falling asleep such as meditation or deep breathing. While melatonin is going to help you sleep, it is not a supplement designed to be used every day for the long-term.

While it is considered safe, some people may experience unwanted side effects such as…

  • dizziness,
  • stomach cramps, and
  • irritability.

What’s more is you may become reliant on the supplement over time.

How Do Sleep Meds Impact You? Also, consider how sleeping medications impact you. Are they leaving you feeling drowsy during the day? In many people, this is very normal. They take sleeping medication and the next day feel completely out of it.…

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Protect Your Hearing

May 1, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

These are the conclusions of the World Health Organization which recently analyzed data from various studies conducted in mid- to high-income countries. The conclusion: nearly 50% of 12- to 35-year-olds “are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from the use of personal audio devices, and around 40% are exposed to potentially damaging levels of sound at entertainment venues.”

So how loud is too loud? Noise levels are measured in something called decibels, dB for short, and:

  1. Regular exposure of more than one minute at or above 110 decibels risks permanent hearing loss.
  2. No more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure at or above 100 decibels is recommended.
  3. Prolonged exposure to any noise at or above 85 decibels can cause gradual hearing loss.

Use this National Institute of Health’s “It’s a Noisy Planet” guide to keep you in the know:

  • 140-165 ~ Firecracker, shotgun firing
  • 140 ~ Jet taking off
  • 120
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Diet for Hypothyroidism

April 30, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Many people do not realize that the thyroid controls many different body processes, as it is not a hormone or part of the body that is talked about often. The truth, however, is that this hormone is responsible for making sure that the body stays in homeostasis at all points in time, which is why getting hypothyroidism is a very difficult thing to deal with.

A Diet: Some people believe that there is a way that you can control the condition using only food. While many doctors disagree, there is much evidence to prove that the best diet for hypothyroidism is one that can help the body to produce more of the thyroid hormone and is one that can help the body to function normally without, or with the help of, medication.

Activity: The best diet for hypothyroidism is nothing without staying physically active. Being active is a very good …

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Natural Sleep Aids

April 28, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Food and Nutritional Supplements as Sleep Aids

If you are suffering from insomnia, you might want to take in food that contains tryptophan, an agent that undergoes transformation in the brain and becomes serotonin, a substance that helps the body relax and feel sleepy. For food that contains tryptophan to be effective, it needs to be taken on an empty stomach. The most well known food that causes sleepiness is tryptophan-rich turkey. Other food rich in tryptophan include turkey, chicken, milk, cheese, and beans.

Food rich in carbohydrates are also regarded as beneficial for insomniacs. Carbohydrates are said to increase the production of serotonin and melatonin. It is recommended that people who experience insomnia should take a carbohydrate snack of cereal or crackers downed with milk before going to bed.

Tryptophan and Melatonin Supplements

Sleep aids are also available as nutritional supplements. For many years now, people with chronic insomnia …

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Detox Your Body Naturally

April 25, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Sometimes called “Chinese skinny tea”, Red Tea will help the body to dissolve fat – particularly belly fat – and, put simply, it is proving to be the best fat reducing drink out there! Where everyone has heard of the health benefits of Green Tea, only a few of us are aware of the boost that Red Tea can offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Arguably, Red Tea is as good as (or better) than Green Tea. Known as Rooibos, this tasty tea has a stronger flavour than its weaker brother and contains even more goodness. As well as being an active ingredient to help fight off Metabolic Disorders, this tea can also help in the fight against Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and Diabetes. However, one of its best features is the way in which it aids with weight loss.

Several weight loss drinks to make …

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Boost Your Immune System

April 23, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep:

Sleep is your body’s natural way of regenerating. If you stay up late playing games or checking social media on your phone or tablet, you can disrupt your sleep pattern. Lack of sleep can lead to tiredness and a weakened immune system, making you more prone to getting sick. When the body is not rested it increases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can suppress immune function. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, or take an afternoon siesta if you go to sleep late.

Participate in a Cleanse:

When one thing in your body isn’t functioning right, then the rest of your systems and organs can’t function properly. Many health conditions can put strain on the body, so participating in a cleanse can benefit your entire body. By getting rid of built-up toxins in the body, your organs …

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About Lifestyle Diseases

April 23, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Hyper tension and excessive blood sugar levels are the most important risks affecting the lives of many people. Besides several other contributing factors, excessive salt in the body seems to be facilitating increase in the levels of blood pressure. Kidney is the vital organ which does control blood pressure levels. According to the medical researchers, the readings above 140/90 are known as the hyper tension. lesser salt intake, relaxation, drinking green tea, consuming two or three garlic cloves in the morning, etc are some of the natural remedies Balanced diet or nutritious food and brisk walking are also helpful. Avoiding the risky decisions, planning the work perfectly, avoiding disappointment, inclusion of fun in one’s life, meditation, yoga, management of time effectively, healthy inter personal skills,etc would also aid in reducing unnecessary stress.

Good sleep can reduce higher glucose levels. Our blood needs only certain minimum levels of glucose. The excessive …

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Essential Oils for the Winter

April 22, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

One of the most helpful oils to combat these infections is Eucalyptus oil which is great for boosting your immune system and can help relieve respiratory conditions. This oil is also great for sore throats, coughs, headaches and seasonal allergies. Eucalyptus oil woks due to its ability to stimulate immunity and provide antioxidant protection. Always put a few drops only in a burner only as too much of an oil can negate some of its positive properties.

Peppermint oil is another winter oil great for muscle aches and pains associated with these conditions above. It can also help with seasonal allergy symptoms, boost energy levels when you are feeling a little flat due to infection, and help with digestive complaints. Red pine needle oil will also help with your immune system and help fight off viruses and always remember that tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.

When combining these …

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Pediatric Orthotics

April 22, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Many times if a child has plantar fasciitis pediatric orthotics are used to help support their foot. Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that creates pain in their feet, usually their heels. When the heel insert is put inside their shoe it helps reduce any inflammation that often occurs with this medical condition and provides extra cushioning. The inserts can also help to lessen heel pain, which can be reoccurring. This type of device is called plantar fasciitis orthotics. Some children with this medical condition also require more arch support and additional shock absorption when standing or walking.

When a child suffers from deformities that affect their legs they often will need the use of orthotics. These devices can help to strengthen their muscles and help them to have correct posture while walking and standing. This form of leg brace that has special reinforcements created to help keep the bones …

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Autologous Plasma Eye Drops

April 21, 2019 Billy Kamerskin 0

Other Dry Eye Therapies

Along with the above topical treatments, the use of other therapies can be used to help the symptoms for dry eye disease such as punctal plugs; which are inserted into the tear ducts to stop tears from draining away too fast, heated eye masks and eye lid massages; to help unblock the meibomian glands which can contribute to dry eye disease, moisture goggles; which help reduce tear evaporation, and taking oral nutritional supplements.

Autologous plasma eye drops may be indicated if the above treatments fail to control the eye symptoms and the cornea is continuing to be damaged. An ophthalmologist will assess the patient’s suitability for these eye drops before suggesting them.

What Are Autologous Plasma Eye Drops Made From?

Autologous plasma eye drops are made from the patient’s own blood. The patient will attend an appointment and will be assessed by a nurse to make …